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Ephemera, 2/12/19

“Ephemera” seems apt since one snippet uses it and another snippet evokes it. Continue reading

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Saturday potpourri, 11/9/13

Honor Thy Father A Thesaurus, but No Dictionary Un ménage à trois Rails-to-Trails How will Chris Christie play below the Mason-Dixon line?

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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Canary in the Coal Mine has died Chesea Manning Bozo Clown of Circus John Boehner, Mouthpiece Offering incense to strange gods

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GLBTetcetera roundup

Notre Dame GLBTQ Statement. Political power, judicial weakness. Can we talk?

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Rabbi goes to bat for his tradition – and mine. Two cheers for sequestration. The Secret Unity of Muslims and Sikhs. America’s Enlightenment, and Evangelical, Foundings. NIMBY and The Good Life. The Absurdity of Categorical Discrimination Bans. Geddoutahere!

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CLS/Hastings update

The arguments were had before the Supremes yesterday, after my post and bold-if-not-foolish prediction. Gordon Crovitz of the Wall Street Journal summarizes nicely here: Presumably Gays & Lesbians for Individual Liberty do not share the CLS view of human sexuality. … Continue reading

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Christian Legal Society and Hastings Law School

Not surprisingly, the New York Times editorial on todays hot Supreme Court ticket gets it wrong, starting with the facts. But the Washington Post gets it right, influenced, I assume, more by Jonathan Turley’s analysis that by Newt Gingrich’s epithet-laden … Continue reading

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