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The balance of the cosmos is, by the publishing of this blog, tenuously maintained for another day. Continue reading

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Sunday, 3/8/15

Nunc dimmitus NPR Surprise PBS Surprse Prelate practices what he preaches! Michael Schiavo’s supporters Thou shalt not merely say “thou shalt not” Prog Christian ad hoc political theory The Disenchanted World

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Too Big to Govern

Not too long ago, I encountered an item reminding me of a little-remarked feature of our national polity: the immense dilution of the meaningful individual voice in governance. At our nation’s founding, each Congressman represented few people – 50,000 or something. … Continue reading

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Weed: Do it for the Children. The Canary in the Coal Mine. Democracy, Dictatorship, and “Who Wins?” Prejudice or Tradition? When God Calls. New Standing “Advice.”

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Legislation by Litigation

If coverage of the California Proposition 8 litigation hasn’t left you a little crazed, you’re either (a) a space alien or (b) not paying attention. Or maybe (c) the “bloodless lobotomy” of law school truly has left me unlike other … Continue reading

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God bless the child

Sometimes a song is more than a song: Them that’s got shall get Them that’s not shall lose So the Bible said and it still is news Mama may have, Papa may have But God bless the child that’s got … Continue reading

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