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3 things, 12 rules, 1 prayer

[P]rophets are neither new nor controversial. To a first approximation, they only ever say three things: First, good and evil are definitely real. You know they’re real. You can talk in philosophy class about how subtle and complicated they are, … Continue reading

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Curated insights 7/3/17

No Trump rants today. I still cringe at our POTUS, but the choir has heard the sermon before and nobody else is listening. Continue reading

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A true icon cannot have hate

Very brief, but haunting. Continue reading

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Sunday 11/6/16

A Secondary Thing What is the telos of university? The most obvious answer is “truth” –- the word appears on so many university crests. But increasingly, many of America’s top universities are embracing social justice as their telos, or as … Continue reading

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Monday, 8/24/15

Avoiding error versus embracing truth, the end of untenable Evangelical doctrinal bonhomie, and four others between those bookends. Continue reading

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Lord’s Day 10/20/13

Evangelical Liberalism Of Angels, Men and Beasts A marriage much in need of divorce Truth and Beauty

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Richard Cory. The other “hard cases.” A brief refresher course on Julian Assange. The unsung hero of the global economy. Division III rules the moral roost. Democrats and Civil Liberties. It makes perfect sense, so Romney will blow it off.

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