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Tuesday, 11/14/17

  Cartestian Christianity Whole souls Darwinian myths: not like other myths It’s been a great run Coriolanus as the republic drains away Especially grotesque vanity about virtue Hold, wait, do nothing Death rites

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Saturday 2/4/17

I’ve got the DTs again. This is mostly politics, but with some cultural criticism and thoughts on autonomy, religious freedom, and defiant religious nonconformity (we sure do need that now). Continue reading

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Unoriginal Thoughts

Unoriginal thoughts that have weathered 19 years intact. Continue reading

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Religious, but au courant.

More on “expanding the sacrament.” How squishy a foundation, it seems. Competing Myths (one of the two is Coming Soon).

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Lord’s Day October 21, 2012

The Poet’s Craft. A Steady Place to Stand. History and Myth. Why Ayn Rand’s fiction sucks.

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A Myth in the Making

Because Shelby Steele is a scholar instead of a pundit, he usually has something worth saying when he speaks up. Just so this column, Barack the Good, from tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal. Teasers: Mr. Obama wants to be—above all else—a … Continue reading

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Hard words about the “Overpopulation Myth”

[R]ising consumption today far outstrips the rising headcount as a threat to the planet. And most of the extra consumption has been in rich countries that have long since given up adding substantial numbers to their population, while most of … Continue reading

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