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Toqueville the Prophet

Toqueville as prophet. A progressive woman in San Francisco defends the “Billy Graham Rule.” More. Continue reading

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AHCA Supplement

Fixin’ to travel. Gotta comment on Thursday’s AHCA developments. Continue reading

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Catechizing truth & falsehood

Practices can catechize – for better or worse. Princeton Seminary today would deny Kuyper the Kuyper Award. More. Continue reading

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Sunday 2/5/17

Political sadists, several takes on the immigration Executive Order (and the injunction of it), American religious decline again, health benefits of coffee, and 2.5 items mostly for fun. Continue reading

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Friday 2/3/17

The Othello Principle Voting for Prohibition with flasks in their pockets That Executive Order again Mario Savio twists in his grave Judgment redux

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Tuesday Bonus 2/1/17

Although I’ve resolved to try focusing on enduring things, it’s hard to ignore events unlike anything in my lifetime, including the Provocateur-in-Chief. Herewith, eight politically tainted items. Continue reading

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Tuesday 1/31/17

“Undocumented”; Professor Daniel Gordon, not deranged; A greater enemy of the truth than lies; = 1000 words; Why Trump likes Bannon; Blocking the exits Continue reading

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Thursday 12/29/16

The Islamic menu; Immigration; What’s wrong with Wendell Berry?; A Team of Hard-Liners; Divisive versus Controversial; How Women in Media Blew the Election Coverage Continue reading

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Wednesday, 9/21/16

Lobbing softballs at power
Obama hits a home run
The coming debate
So three ditzy mayors walk into the New York Times … Continue reading

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Friday, 8/12/16

Miscellany. Maybe the last two will help you put your finger on something you’ve sensed. Continue reading

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