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Saturday 12/9/17

Trading excellence for hucksterism The frenzy of the fakers “Values voters.” Yeah. Right. Shorts

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Thursday, 11/16/17

Fractal dysfunction Repudiating the perverted fringe Tutoring Congressman BlueBlazer McEntrepreneurship Trump is John McCain’s fault How certainty-seeking empowers predators No misfortune too great to bear Man up, boys!

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Wednesday, 4/30/14

Shredding fish?! Gloria Mundi’s Krustian Defenders block the transit Oh, yeah: Great Weather App Today’s Bread, Circus and 2-Minute Hate Culture, not knowledge

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Tuesday 4/29/14

Obscenity from Gloria Mundi in Indianapolis Swarthmore’s version of in loco parentis Contra mundi on equality You can blather, but we can read between the lines Facts versus Wisdom Meanwhile, in Rome …

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Just politics

My tidbits for the day were getting too numerous, so I took political stuff over here. It was a very political day, it seems. Gloves off! Iron fist. The Fleshpots of Reagan. Paean to Palin Ron Paul is winning. Perry’s … Continue reading

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