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An anniversary and a testimonial

Today is the 52nd anniversary of my high school graduation. It might sound odd to remember that, but high school was formative for me because, almost impetuously, my parents and I agreed that I should go to a Christian (specifically … Continue reading

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Where are the Watchmen? (Day 2)

I attended the Eighth Day Symposium, an Orthodox-inspired but broadly somewhat ecumenical gathering, Friday and Saturday. The Symposium title was “Where Are the Watchmen?,” based on a September 2016 Harpers essay by Alan Jacobs. Some highlights of Saturday (Friday’s highlights are … Continue reading

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Nouthetic Counseling and Biblicism

Since Lafayette’s Faith Baptist Church (newly renamed) is home to a large Nouthetic Counseling ministry and training center, a blog by Robin Phillips, Why Nouthetic Counseling Is Unbiblical, caught my eye. From a “conservative” Protestant stance, it challenges Nouthetic Counseling.

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