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Estimable Potpourri, Monday, 2/3/14

Protesting overmuch The Identity Market Letting go after a long wait No data mining? No problem! Accidental Protestant The Thing That Used To Be Liberalism

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Tuesday, 1/21/14

Polytheism in the Bible? MLK Day Thoughts Diplomacy ≠ Treachery Privyet! Veganomics

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New Years Day Full House 2014

The other white minority dictatorship The smugness of ascendant liberalism Culture War Reality Check Power Plays Get that employer an “audit” Privie Award winner, hands down I Am Herod Bad Dog

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Lord’s Day Controversies, December 30, 2012

SETI. Christmas. Nominalism and Realism. Liberal intolerance. The “Contraceptive” Mandate.

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Tasty Tidbits 8/3/11

Hysteria or hypocrisy? Cornered in 2012. Who do you trust? Better the closet than the coliseum. Nice warm-up. Now it’s time for the Tea Party to get extreme. The Good Consumer.

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