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A quiz

Take your pick. Is that video: Lies! Lies! All a pack of lies! What you always suspected. Either way, you risk confirmation bias, but everything I know about Trump tells me the correct answer is 2.   * * * … Continue reading

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Trump in Evangelical Texas

Wahington Post’s Elizabeth Breunig went to Texas around Easter to visit Evangelical family and try to figure out the Trump-Evangelical bond. “I give to everybody,” [Trump] declared in 2015, during the first Republican primary debate. “When they call, I give. … Continue reading

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Near moral bedrock

Michael Gerson writes an unusually powerful column about the racism that Donald Trump is feeding and exploiting, but David Brooks wrote something breathtakingly better, and deeper, than even that. He identifies what Election 2020 is really about, and it’s not … Continue reading

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