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Friday 4/4/14

Today, zero direct politics or foreign policy, but some economics and lot of faith-related items. Continue reading

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Wednesday, 3/5/14

What law does sin violate, great moments in foreign policy restraint, Kum-Ba-Ya Ecumenism, and a Monk from the distant future prophesies of our age. Continue reading

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Sunday, 1/26/14

STEM and Beauty Durn furriners and their furrin laws Richard Mouw wants no prophet’s mantle Death and Pregnancy in Indiana Can’t we just get along? Death, sanitized Marriage promotion as cargo cult

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Tasty Tidbits 9/23/11

German Lutheran Ecumenism (and other contact sports). Party on! Adam & Eve. Nader 2012. What secrets am I not yet ready for? Devil in a box, horns through the roof tiles. Three-Legged Blues.

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