Tasty Tidbits 9/23/11

  1. German Lutheran Ecumenism (and other contact sports).
  2. Party on!
  3. Adam & Eve.
  4. Nader 2012.
  5. What secrets am I not yet ready for?
  6. Devil in a box, horns through the roof tiles.
  7. Three-Legged Blues.


I know some Orthodox Christians who are rabidly, explicitly anti-ecumenical. German Lutherans aren’t like that. They’re rabidly, tacitly anti-ecumenical.


According to the Telegraph (and NYT), scientists said on Thursday they recorded particles travelling faster than light – a finding that could overturn one of Einstein’s fundamental laws of the universe. This one ought to have scientists shaking their heads for a good, long, time, trying to formulate the new theory that accommodates this newly-observed fact.

<sarcasm>If a fundamental law of the universe can be called into doubt, surely there’s room to doubt global warming, right? Party on!</sarcasm> (One can’t be too scrupulous about signaling when tongue is in cheek.)


I had a Tidbit here, on an NPR mini-debate (30 minutes) about literal Adam, between a Christian Reformed religion prof and a Southern Baptist Seminary President, that grew and grew, and required lots of tags, so I banished it.

Synopsis: They both argued, like good modern Protestants, about how to interpret the first chapters of Genesis as if every generation had to make it up all over again, without recourse to any interpretive tradition older that what grandma and grandpa thought. But only the Southern Baptist resorted to an ad hominem claim that proved his total ignorance of varying Patristic interpretations.


James Taranto speculates that Ralph Nader could hurt Obama by running as an independent in 2012.

I’m so fed up I might vote for Nader. But that wouldn’t be one vote less for Obama, but for the Republican nominee.


Today’s poem at Writer’s Almanac, Unveiling, put me in mind of an image of an ossuary I’ve been keeping around for illustration some day.

I wonder what secrets these monks shared that I'm not quite ready yet to learn.


“The time will come when the devil will put himself inside a box and start shouting; and his horns will stick out from the rooftiles.”

St. Cosmas of Aetolia (+1779), as quoted by Met. KALLISTOS, Through the Creation to the Creator (Friends of the Centre, 1997)

HT Jason Rossiter, who blogged this as “Reason #50038 to Throw a Brick Through Your TV.”


It’s not every day that Writers Almanac publishes something like Three-Legged Blues.

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Bon appetit!