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Mildly offensive to all

Baby narratives in Beto versus Ted. More. Continue reading

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Potpourri (mostly political) 9/25/18

1 I apologize if I’ve quoted this before, but I’m a retired lawyer, I’ve watched SCOTUS for decades, and I can’t stop mulling this over. Here goes: I can imagine two operative standards for a nominee in Kavanaugh’s shoes. One … Continue reading

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Bearing reality

I anticipated reading in Monday’s newspapers some analysis of how Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s potential corroborating witnesses (those she said were at the party where Brett Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her) have all failed to corroborate anything about the party, including … Continue reading

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Brett Kavanaugh again (9/23/18)

All of these have something to do with the Kavanaugh nomination and Dr. Ford’s accusation. I’m saving the best for last — analysis from Ben Wittes at the Atlantic.   1 McConnell’s incentive to confirm Garland was simple: A reality … Continue reading

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Monday 9/17/18

Politics and religion. This is no dinner party. Continue reading

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