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Gun Control

I began this blog many weeks ago, forgot it, but now finish in pared-down form. I wonder to what extent the visceral anger at “thoughts and prayers” is a way of expressing fear and anger at our inability to control … Continue reading

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Friday, 12/8/17

Where nothing’s in common Changing the Context Why we’re not solving Weinsteinism “Ladies and Gentlemen …” A masterpiece on Masterpiece Motivated reasoning makes people stupid Unprecedented

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Sunday, 11/5/17

If you don’t have enough time to read this today, that’s really okay. Continue reading

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Saturday, 11/4/17

Educational innovation, dim-bulb Islamists, politicizing tragedy, rethinking our laxual sexity, false flags and lobbying payoff. Continue reading

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American “leadership”

The Trump-McCain pissing match gets my juices flowing. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 9/12/17

The Empire of Mood over Mind We broke it … Qualitatively different dangers from right and left Bold, unflappable and wrong Planned Parenthood datapoints Everybody’s got a plan …

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Saturday 8/12/17

Sharia Supremacism and more. Continue reading

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Mélange 7/18/17

Sentimental reactions Bernard of Clairveaux’s Jihad Invoking intersectionality A quicky on depression Living in a pratfall paradise Gaining soul, losing world

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Mélange 7/9/17

Penal Substitution, a well-earned retirement, pleasant universalism versus realistic diversity, Antifa idiots, the God(s?) of Islam & Christianity, and Reagan, liberalish. Continue reading

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Potpourri 6/23/17

I keep coming up with collections that only can be called potpourri or equivalent. Continue reading

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