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Decreased blogging?

I’ve thought a few earlier times that I would cut back on blogging for a while for one reason or another. This time, I think I mean it. Don’t be surprised if I’m rather taciturn for seven weeks or so. … Continue reading

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Another blog recommendation

Mirror of Justice is “A blog dedicated to the development of Catholic legal theory.” I apparently discovered it relatively late in the game, as it already is the second “stickiest” blog, trailing only the Volokh Conspiracy site (another law-oriented site). … Continue reading

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Modern exorcisms

You’re not likely to find this going on in the Episcopal Church, but there’s apparently a trend in Pentecostal Churches to exorcise “demons” of this, “demons” of that, and “demons” of the other thing.

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New(ish) Blog Recommendation

Especially to Orthodox readers of this blog, I commend a new (to me) blog “A Vow of Conversation.” The author, Macrina Walker, says of herself: When I first started this blog I was a Roman Catholic monastic. I am now … Continue reading

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Are gay rights in conflict with religious freedom?

I began a few days ago to write about (a) whether there’s a conflict between the robust religious freedom we’ve known in the past and “the gay rights movement” and (b) whether the Obama administration is friendly toward the latter … Continue reading

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Why do they hate us so?

When they’re not insisting that we’re beloved by all men of goodwill, certain U.S. leaders are impugning the motives of those who don’t love us.

But there are reasons why they might hate us. Not one of them is “for our freedom.” Continue reading

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Youth pastors gone wild

Another former youth pastor in town charged with child seduction. What is going on!?

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Cynicism, envy and God

Cynicism denies God’s goodness. Envy denies that the earth is His, and the fullness thereof.

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