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Curating Obergefell Commentary

I’ve read and discarded the repetitive stuff, distilling and linking the good stuff here. Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 10/29/11

Pavlov’s Pundit. Which “Sharia”? Social mobility report. 3rd party sehnsucht. On the other hand, there’s SCOTUS. Bucket-Listers vs. Pilgrims. Just now appearing on my radar.

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Tasty Tidbits 10/6/11

The Great Divide. The Perfect Job. St. Francis and the OWS folks. Jack Chick’s new gig. Right Populist Mummery. Seven Days in Utopia. Good news? Blogging forecast.

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Tasty Tidbits 8/25/11

The Germ of Citizens United. Michelle Bachmann is no Hillaire Belloc. Ron Paul, jailer of women. Hissy-fit at Washington Post. Bipartisan Bank Bilge. Microcosm. Worth driving an extra 120 miles for.

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George Will’s Questions for Kagan

Why would nobody have the cajones to ask the questions George Will suggested Sunday and Monday? Personal favorites (get a grip, Tipsy; not too many now!): If Congress decides that interstate commerce is substantially affected by the costs of obesity, … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing preview

We don’t even have a nominee yet, but the posturing — academic and political — is shaping up, as signaled on the editorial page of today’s Washington Post. In the right corner, weighing in with the mantra of “commitment to … Continue reading

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Replacing Justice Stevens

The world of punditry is full of opinions about filling the seat of Justice John Paul Stevens upon his long-overdue retirement this summer, so important has become the Supreme Court to our polity. Doug Masson, perhaps half-jokingly, defended what I’d … Continue reading

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Tactical shift coming in Supreme Court confirmation fight?

Since Roe v. Wade was imposed on us by the Supremes 37 years ago, there has been a pervasive “abortion distortion factor”: The “Abortion distortion factor” is that phenomenon whereby when established rules of law encounter the abortion right, the … Continue reading

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Miscellany – Pope in the Dock, Justice Stevens retirement, Serin gas and the enduring Flannery O’Connor

Michael Cook notes and ruminates on what I hope is an eccentric call to try Pope Benedict XVI for crimes against humanity in connection with the Catholic Church’s pedophilia scandal, and then segués into other who then should be there: … Continue reading

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