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Populism and corruption

What Trump and the Pope have in common. Continue reading

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Monday Potpourri, 8/27/18

Humanae Vitae revisited, Alan Jacobs on why Trump and Francis are going nowhere, and response to “do GMOs go to heaven?” Continue reading

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Religious Calvinball

My first reaction to the Pope changing the Catechism on capital punishment was pretty much a yawn. It’s only slightly to the left of my own, though its reasoning differs much from mine. But now I’m thinking I was wrong, … Continue reading

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Thursday, 7/28/16

Père Jacques, ora pro nobis. Tim Kaine & Donald Trump demolition jobs. Conscience and the very rule of law is on the line. And how about a little ISIS backlash? Continue reading

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Tuesday, 6/28/16

A little devil sitting in the heart. The futility of one kind of apology. Why we don’t want a Constitutional Convention today. Continue reading

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Monday, 10/5/15

Kim Davis is the wrong kind of person. Every Christian a theologian? Does common sense need a proof-text? Plus five shorts. Continue reading

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Sunday, 10/4/15

Protestants give Catholics what for; if you play the Obergefell dissents backwards, is Paul the Walrus? Four more. Continue reading

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Potpourri 1/20/14

Between the lines “No liturgical form can save us,” but … Sheer philosophical genius Summers on Inequality Rome coulda been a contenda Straining at gnats When is the Bible not the Bible?

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Friday, 12/6/13

Not-So-Jolly St. Nick Perverts and power shoppers in bed together Affirmative action for doggerel Here comes another bubble!

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Wednesday, 10/9/13

Is Compassion a finite resource? The (Tea hee!) Party of small (guffaw!) government Keeping the South on the Moralistic Plantation Real Marriage “Go big or go home” religion

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