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Sunday of the Last Judgment

Leithart’s six impossible things before breakfast Doubter website doesn’t immunize apostate webmaster Obama’s secret bomb-thrower party What’s the deadliest religion?

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Tuesday, 10/14/14

Political anthrax Brian Howey, judicial ignoramus Pro Tip (too late) for Richard Roberts

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Wednesday, 8/27/14

Cornel West is unhappy with Obama, Jihadists are faux Muslims, Progressives are imperialists and other paradoxes Continue reading

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IRS Harassment of Pro-Lifers

Monday, I’ll probably be publishing a potpourri of interesting clippings from Sunday afternoon reading. But I didn’t want this one to get lost, since it’s a legitimate outrage of exactly the sort I’ve come to expect from the fanatically pro-abortion … Continue reading

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Obama’s statist “religious freedom”

This, from Heritage Foundation’s Dominique Ludvigson via the Wall Street Journal, fleshes out what I mean when I call Obama’s insouciance on religious freedom “statist”: Religious institutions and individuals should not have to sue the government to preserve the freedom … Continue reading

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Monday, October 8, 2012

St. Joseph Parish, Wheaton, Illinois. You find the Muslim Obama schtick in the darndest places. Pillar and Foundation of Truth. Mitt’s real religion.

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Tasty Tidbits 8/5/11

Man tries to hurl himself over the White House fence. Something’s not right …. Tu quoque. Did anyone warn the legislature? The elephant in the budget room. Happy Birthday, Wendell Berry. E-Trade Baby loses his … diaper region.

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The planetary healing decided to “summer” up north, I guess

Two years ago Thursday, when He (you do capitalize the pronoun for this President, don’t you?) locked up the nomination with a win in Minnesota, our now-President promised: I am absolutely certain that generations from now, we will be able … Continue reading

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A Myth in the Making

Because Shelby Steele is a scholar instead of a pundit, he usually has something worth saying when he speaks up. Just so this column, Barack the Good, from tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal. Teasers: Mr. Obama wants to be—above all else—a … Continue reading

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Obama the Sneak, DeMint the Babbit

Here’s a small example of why I no longer consciously will call myself a Republican, though I may reflexively still think of myself that way. The thought that anyone might want to seal off a basin in Colorado to keep … Continue reading

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