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Cultural Marxism?

When I was a conservative Protestant 20+ years ago, I and others developed the bad rhetorical habit of labeling any liberalizing trend we disliked as “Secular Humanism” at work. That term was used every bit as imprecisely as the journalistic … Continue reading

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Friday 12/30/16

Theocracy in Alabama; Crossing chemistry and computing; Scapegoating Peter Thiel; Liberal Arts; The hack narrative: set & bipartisan; more Continue reading

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Wednesday wanderings 7/25/12

Many Worlds? Obamacons. Auto-shaped ecclesiology.

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The paradox of the self-denying mind

I jokingly said on FaceBook a few weeks ago that I thought I’d lost my need for certainty over the last decade, but I wasn’t sure. One of the areas which no longer move me to indignation very often is … Continue reading

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