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Mélange 11/17/18

1 To maintain its large membership base, the ACLU recruited new members by directing mass mailings to mailing lists rented from a broad range of liberal groups. The result of the shift of the ACLU to a mass membership organization … Continue reading

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Friday, part II, 9/21/18

Sundries to get off my desk. Continue reading

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Social Media

At last weekend’s Eighth Day Symposium in Wichita, Ken Myers‘ second plenary address was nominally about “Social Media and the Commodification of Friendship.” I find that at my fairly advanced age, and perhaps with a little tone-deafness to social cues, … Continue reading

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More worrisome than fast lanes and slow lanes

What worries me more than fast lanes and slower lanes on the internet: [T]he [Google/Facebook] duopoly’s dominance threatens the marketplace of ideas. Beyond advertising, Google and Facebook control how millions of people find their news. Americans are far likelier, collectively, … Continue reading

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Thursday, 7/3/14

Today’s soup lacks a theme, but I hope you’ll enjoy the disparate parts. Continue reading

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Open source potpourri

Lockdown. American Gestapo. Righteous Imposters.

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Tasty Tidbits 8/16/11

Self-medication comparisons. God’s best. Buffet deserved better artwork. Right position, opaque reasons. Plutonomy. Religious freedom today. Dwelling in unity. Who’s your physician?

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