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Tuesday 1/3/17

A Common Metaphysical Vacuum; Alt-Right, Alt-left; Can This Political Union Be Saved?; Treating one superbug Continue reading

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Monday, 11/2/15

Symbiotic class actions and arbitration clauses. Thoughts on open sourcing. Last chance to take overdue action on surrogacy? Pope Francis cuts off a defender at the knees. Continue reading

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Da daddy bone meandered to da sane bone. Now hear da word of da Lawd. Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 10/27/11

Mormonism less Christian than is Islam? Unique writings, unique reading. This story could change your life. Spitzer nostalgia. Kophos Saving capitalism from cronyism. 28,000 youth suicide attempts.

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Tasty Tidbits 10/12/11

How will X harm you? Taking out the neurotrash, treating Darwinitis. Going paperless.

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Pat Robertson Creeps Me Out – Again

Pat Robertson, who regularly gets mis-identified as a “Rev.” or “Evangelist” (it’s so hard to tell the difference between Evangelical “Rev. Celebrities,” “Evangelist Celebrities,” and “Batshit Crazy Celebrities”), gives a big ole Bronx Cheer to Christian tradition on marriage by saying that it’s … Continue reading

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More on Red and Blue families

Ross Douthat writes today some further analysis of the provocative new book and Red and Blue families in America, on which I wrote last week. Read it if interested, because what follows is not (with one exception) a summary. Notable … Continue reading

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