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Tuesday, 11/14/17

  Cartestian Christianity Whole souls Darwinian myths: not like other myths It’s been a great run Coriolanus as the republic drains away Especially grotesque vanity about virtue Hold, wait, do nothing Death rites

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Revelations in Death’s Wake

My father-in-law and my mother died two weeks to the day apart. I was present both times when, in civil terms, they “breathed their last” but more importantly, if invisibly, their souls separated from their bodies. We bury my mother today. … Continue reading

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Sunday 11/2/14

Where faith gets lost. The death-defying ways of the WEIRD The SLAPP assault on free speech Nuts, nuttier, sociopathic

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Tuesday, 7/29/14

At 9:03 pm 49 years ago today, yours truly ran his motorcycle into the side of an automobile, dropping 15 pounds in the subsequent month of “eating” through a straw. Also, it’s Prince Charles’ and Princess Di’s Anniversary. Today’s blog has nothing to do with either, but I couldn’t think of an apt summary. Continue reading

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Sunday, 1/26/14

STEM and Beauty Durn furriners and their furrin laws Richard Mouw wants no prophet’s mantle Death and Pregnancy in Indiana Can’t we just get along? Death, sanitized Marriage promotion as cargo cult

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I attended a Wake Thursday, only we don’t call them that any more. In the coffin was a 32-year-old man-boy. In line as one approached mother and step-father, were scrapbook pictures of his younger versions, beaming with delight at 4th … Continue reading

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Another Potpourri

How to die well Pachyderm playground Francis I is Catholic Legal Pro Tip Treacle-tinctured pablum This just in

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Weed: Do it for the Children. The Canary in the Coal Mine. Democracy, Dictatorship, and “Who Wins?” Prejudice or Tradition? When God Calls. New Standing “Advice.”

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Making dead men live

I really don’t intend to channel Fr. Stephen day-by-day. You can subscribe yourself, after all. I don’t even intend to have Orthodox testimonials as a regular feature. That’s a worthy goal, but I bring nothing unique to such efforts. But … Continue reading

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