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Situation hopeless, but not serious

The thoughtful Orthodoxen behind Notes from a Common-Place Book writes today his reflections on a “Country Wedding.” The back roads drive down there and back was pleasant and gave my wife and I time to catch up on some things. … Continue reading

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To Change the (Barbarian) World

(This posting may be of limited interest to non-Orthodox readers.) I just discovered a new Orthodox blog that looks somewhat promising, Koinonia. The owner/host has completed a very manageable 3-part series, Barbarians at the Gate, where he takes to task … Continue reading

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Living toward the flourishing of others

Rod Dreher at Beliefnet writes enthusiastically about a new book, To Change the World, from James Davidson Hunter, who perhaps coined the term “Culture Wars” in his book by that title. I have high respect for Hunter, though it’s been years … Continue reading

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Does economic growth rot the culture?

Georgetown political theorist Patrick Deneen thinks genuine conservatism is incompatible with global capitalism and that confusion of the two is a cold war artifact. I’ll not equivocate about this one: I very strongly suspect he’s right. Other stimulating excerpts: My … Continue reading

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