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Filicide Tryptich

How to kill your children spiritually. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 1/26/16

Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft Spengler drops a bomb Real Christian life Resacramentalizing The trade-in society What “conservatism” has meant of late 24-hour news coverage

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Wednesday, 6/11/14

Let’s Party! LGBWhat? Vignettes Westboro Village Atheist

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Tofu Tidbits* 11/27/11

Brought to your by the letter “P.” Presumtuous congratulations. Palantir. Protest as the tie that binds. Prayer (modern). Prayer (a bit older, not ancient).

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How to end abortion on demand

Clark Carlton is a politically disaffected Orthodox paleoconservative philosophy prof. He’s slipped onto my “back burner” for a while, but he lately has been making enough sense on public affairs that I was looking forward to his long-promised controversial thoughts on … Continue reading

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