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Imagine there’s no sovereignty

What if “secular,” “religious,” and “sovereignty” are not fundamental categories? Continue reading

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Damned-if-you do, damned-if-you-don’t

A local megachurch (or what passes for megachurch in my fair city) built a large community center a decade or so ago. Then it built another on the other side of town. Both times, it worked with government and may … Continue reading

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Restrictions on Religion Rising. Oops! Just joking! Viacom’s Dauman takes the Bronze medal. If you think it’s congested, imagine it with traffic lights. Childlike faith means growing up.

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Miscellany – Pope in the Dock, Justice Stevens retirement, Serin gas and the enduring Flannery O’Connor

Michael Cook notes and ruminates on what I hope is an eccentric call to try Pope Benedict XVI for crimes against humanity in connection with the Catholic Church’s pedophilia scandal, and then segués into other who then should be there: … Continue reading

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