Damned-if-you do, damned-if-you-don’t

A local megachurch (or what passes for megachurch in my fair city) built a large community center a decade or so ago. Then it built another on the other side of town. Both times, it worked with government and may have gotten (I don’t distinctly recall) some sort of government perks akin to what any other entity could have gotten for a like project (the second reclaimed a blighted site, for instance).

Both times, the bloody flag of separation of church and state got waved liberally. Both times, the church responded that this was a community center that would not be exclusive.

May 1, they didn’t exclude a hastily-convened Ted Cruz rally.

Now the bloody flag is being liberally (and knowingly) waved that the church supported Cruz by honoring its inclusive policy.

For the record:

  1. I know these people. I have no doubt that they’d have hosted hastily-convened Trump, Sanders or Clinton rallies. Those might have required them to hold their noses more tightly than hosting a Cruz rally (or maybe not), but they’d have done it.
  2. Each community center includes a fitness center. I regret that the tax-exemption of the community centers give them a slight competitive edge relative to commercial health clubs.

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