“Right-wing fundamentalist Christian.”

Flash: the Norway terrorist reportedly is a “right-wing fundamentalist Christian.”
That and about $2.50 will get you a Venti Verona at Starbucks at this early stage of the game.

The New York Times puts that description in its first sentence, but without support anywhere in its article. They’d be more careful with a darker skinned guy named Ahmed.

I found very faint support — self-description as “Christian” in a Facebook profile that was put up just days ago and may be a put-on — elsewhere than the Times article.

As the Brutally Honest blog puts it, “Blood in the water for haters of Christians the world over.  The feeding frenzy will begin in 3, 2, 1…” (HT The Anchoress, who asks some pointed questions)

Tasty Tidbits 7/23/11

  1. Obama as Gorbachev.
  2. Who lacks standing to diss Herman Cain?
  3. Obama should suspend habeus corpus.
  4. The Great Gerrymander.
  5. Norway.
  6. An exhibit in the libertarian case for abandoning regulatory bodies.
  7. What’s Wrong with Benevolence?
  8. Ouch! That argument makes too much sense!
  9. Today’s Gospel reading rocks!
  10. Am I one sick puppy?

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Tasty Tidbits 7/22/11

Don’t miss Tidbit number 9.

  1. The legal logic of polygamy.
  2. In the name of Christ, I adjure you, sober and truthful spirit, be gone!
  3. Hey, liberals! Let’s get stupid!
  4. It’s amazing what you can do without nine robed demigods standing in the way.
  5. Naming things.
  6. I think that I shall never see…
  7. I’m going where they appreciate my kind.
  8. You don’t have to dig through garbage to find food.
  9. Bigger than any stinkin’ election.

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Tasty Tidbits 7/21/11

[Errata: This post originally went out with “7/20/11” in the title.]

  1. Bleak Midwinter meets sweltering Summer.
  2. RIP Borders and condolences to those who especially grieve its demise.
  3. Point, counterpoint, east coast, west coast, etc.
  4. Outhumaning the humans.
  5. Brilliant, or just my kind of idiot?
  6. Some are “makin’ ’em like they used to,” Oink! Oink!
  7. But you don’t want to go there.

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Tasty Tidbits 7/16/11

Here’s some Tasty Tidbits du jour:

  1. Morality as heresy?!
  2. Sola Potatoes.
  3. The invisible elephant in the room.
  4. There oughta be a(nother) law.
  5. “This is a nation where no lovely thing can last.”
  6. Cat fight coming?
  7. The rehabilitation of Rupert.
  8. Keep your eye on SSRN, and don’t be put off by the homely exterior

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