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My blog runneth over

Our death-dealing cold in the Midwest (I expect deaths before this is published) is a good excuse to stay inside, imbibing coffee and bourbon, reading, and even thinking. Okay, the bourbon is purely notional until the sun’s below the yardarm … Continue reading

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Potpourri, 12/11/18

1 The most common explanation for France’s gilets jaunes protests against fuel-tax hikes is that they arise from too little democracy … The opposite is true. The protests are happening because France has too much democracy. What it’s lacking is … Continue reading

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The “true Islam” delusion

Why, when we can’t agree on “true Christianity,” do we pronounce on “true Islam”? More … Continue reading

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Winter Solstice

Volokh, the Happy Medium. Going Postal. Much more rational, but …. Amateur – cough! cough! – athletics.

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