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Tasty Tidbits 11/9/11

JHK’s four-step plan for America. Enemies within. Better to fall apart? A Bureaucratic mind looks at TBTF. Joe Frazier.

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Standing Advice

The following “goes without saying” – until I change my mind, at least. Deep Sanity All these things which are going on now, as well as all subsequent things, God will come with His broom and sweep them away in a … Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 10/14/11

Two pointed questions about income taxes. The Convergence “they” fear. The Catholics’ Al Sharption. Useless no call list. Phony-baloney news. Crunchy Con Christianity and OWS.

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Tasty Tidbits 9/30/11

The Question Lives! “Extreme naturalism.” The Protestant Deformation (NOT another Tipsy rant). Did 9-11 “change everything”? Elizabeth Warren has The Right scrambling. Humility and National Greatness. Another little peek at peak oil. Classified.

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Crony capitalism

I haven’t yet, and probably never will, fully think through this editorial from today’s Wall Street Journal, titled An Economy of Liars. The author is from the Cato Institute, a right-libertarian group, so read it discerningly for that bias. Thomas … Continue reading

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