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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Canary in the Coal Mine has died Chesea Manning Bozo Clown of Circus John Boehner, Mouthpiece Offering incense to strange gods

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Not the SCOTUS comments you might expect

I’m disappointed at our Supreme Court’s Wednesday decisions, but I’ll not annoy you with my cries de coeur. They’re in my private journal as they occur to me. The Court ruled that Prop 8 proponents were not the right party … Continue reading

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That was the week that was

Status vs. Conduct Pro Tip for Aspiring Social Scientists If marriage were only about celebrating love Doin’ what comes Naturally Begging the question Seeing the other guy’s point Bonus track

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More on SCOTUS arguments

More social science WEIRDness Rausch on 4 options, 4 problems

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WEIRDness, Ecumenical Councils and the Marriage Institution

How WEIRD we are! Ecumenical Councils and the Marriage Debate Cornerstone or Capstone? De-institutionalizing marriage Here comes the groom, then and now

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Tuesday Tidbits

Why the future never shocks us Sad, terrible, destructive – no biggie RSS eaters unite! What’s a BubbleBrowser? Joe Biden is an ignorant blowhard.

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Potpourri for the first day of Spring

MTD in Atlanta A Not Going Home Again story Wendell and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day The Return of Mark Sanford

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John Huntsman leads the lemmings

I fear that John Huntsman may just be the first of many GOP Presidential hopefuls to endorse same-sex marriage. The logic is simple: The game is over; defenders of traditional marriage have lost whether they know it or not. The … Continue reading

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My hope sometimes trumps my experience. I really don’t care for sports any more. When I was young and foolish, I was young and foolish. I weep at concerts. I am, relatively speaking, a real blue nose these days. I … Continue reading

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Religious, but au courant.

More on “expanding the sacrament.” How squishy a foundation, it seems. Competing Myths (one of the two is Coming Soon).

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