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How to end abortion on demand

Clark Carlton is a politically disaffected Orthodox paleoconservative philosophy prof. He’s slipped onto my “back burner” for a while, but he lately has been making enough sense on public affairs that I was looking forward to his long-promised controversial thoughts on … Continue reading

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More on Red and Blue families

Ross Douthat writes today some further analysis of the provocative new book and Red and Blue families in America, on which I wrote last week. Read it if interested, because what follows is not (with one exception) a summary. Notable … Continue reading

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Tactical shift coming in Supreme Court confirmation fight?

Since Roe v. Wade was imposed on us by the Supremes 37 years ago, there has been a pervasive “abortion distortion factor”: The “Abortion distortion factor” is that phenomenon whereby when established rules of law encounter the abortion right, the … Continue reading

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Where’s a Conservative to turn on election day?

There’s too many good, smart people blogging and too few running for office. Daniel Larison, to whose blog I just resumed subscribing, has several items in the last week on the incoherence of “movement conservatism” – i.e., the fake conservatism … Continue reading

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Obamacare and the future of the Democrat Party

Interesting column at the Washington Post today from a columnist I can’t remember reading before, Matt Miller, a progressive think-tanker, about why Obamacare is driving Republicans to distraction. (I guess I’m going to use “Obamacare” as shorthand for a while, … Continue reading

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Society works, government is sclerotic

“In most significant ways, the U.S. remains the envy of the world. But here’s the alarming problem: our governing system is old and broken and dysfunctional. Fixing it—without resorting to a constitutional convention or a coup—is the key to securing the nation’s future.” Continue reading

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Okay: You can stop holding your breath now.

Why I’m blogging and what to expect. Continue reading

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