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Lord’s Day, December 2, 2012

Mark this day on your calendar. I’m about to write something good about a Dispensationalist. 

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eating Crow. Defining “Evangelical.” Lighter blogging in the forecast.

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Religious Tidbits 10/1/11

Praying the gay away. Divided by a common faith. Dispensational Eschatology 101 Is Jesus religious enough for the HHS religious exemption?

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Tasty Tidbits 9/27/11

Apocalypse 2012? Dilbert on the Presidential Campaign. Rest in Peace, uh, whatever your name was. “The last best hope of earth.” Food, Inc. and its jackbooted thugs. Hypocrites and fanatics.

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PGPP from an Evangelical

There’s a Pretty Good Political Peptalk for Christian political crash-and-burn victims like me at Townhall.com from an unexpected quarter: Marvin Olasky.

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