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Friday, 5/16/14

AFA stays the (wrong) course More on Pfizer and the Thing That Used To Be Capitalism Can “irrational” and “hateful” religion be permitted? Ecce Femme: St. Mariam the New Martyr The apocalyptic glory of God Poison Eucharist

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Priorities Shut up and get out

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Distilled advice from Wendell Berry. Who fired first? Can you understand this wisdom? What liberals fret about. Port William lives! Can Muslims really get away with anything?

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Monday Meanderings and an Announcement, 7/30/12

Why Capitalism Has An Image Problem. Your tax dollars at work. Best thing said about Mitt last week. Putting off parenthood for pleasure. Will the Barbarian Politicians shift the Overton Window? MYOB, Moreno. Tipsy is evolving. 1 Charles Murry, who … Continue reading

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Merry Culture Wars

I appreciate Mark Shea’s thoughts on the culture wars this time of year: Since I acknowledge that there is indeed hostility to Christmas, then what’s wrong with complaining about the War on Christmas? Answer: Culture warfare is not spiritual warfare.  The … Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 10/13/11

Obama Administration execrable on religious freedom. Tea Party/Occupy Wall Street Venn Diagram. Elizabeth Warren again. Religious tests for the Presidency. Waging Class Warfare. Knowing the Beautiful God.

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Dropping back into the Culture Wars

[12/25/11. I can’t believe I wrote this a scant 3 months ago. That issue of Touchtone did a real Huey Long on me, I guess. I leave it here as standing proof that I’m sensitively dependent on initial conditions. Tipsy] … Continue reading

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To Change the (Barbarian) World

(This posting may be of limited interest to non-Orthodox readers.) I just discovered a new Orthodox blog that looks somewhat promising, Koinonia. The owner/host has completed a very manageable 3-part series, Barbarians at the Gate, where he takes to task … Continue reading

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Living toward the flourishing of others

Rod Dreher at Beliefnet writes enthusiastically about a new book, To Change the World, from James Davidson Hunter, who perhaps coined the term “Culture Wars” in his book by that title. I have high respect for Hunter, though it’s been years … Continue reading

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Culture war update

My posting that used my spiritual doppelganger Frank Schaeffer as a launching pad was in the works for several days, but coincidentally, the AOI blog featured Schaeffer’s odd behavior as its centerpiece just a day later. I underestimated the depth … Continue reading

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