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Marcionite Christology

Striking insight: N. T. Wright has argued that most of the Christology of the past two hundred years, Protestant and Catholic, has been largely Marcionite in form—that is to say, developed in almost complete abstraction from the Old Testament. Consider … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Heart of a Father The World’s Most Important Mother

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Tuesday, 12/17/13

Preening lawmakers Bad Religion What’s not assumed is not healed The Madman Volokh and Dane on the polygamy decision

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Thursday, 10/24/13

The New Spirituality Surrogacy in D.C. Surrogacy in Bethlehem Cast Thyself down “Full membership” by age 1?

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Sunday Subversions

R.C. Sproul, Nestorian? Who’s Redefining Religious Liberty? Class action scandle, scandlier than usual Drinking from an unfiltered fire hose

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Eating Crow. Defining “Evangelical.” Lighter blogging in the forecast.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scientific Religion? Was Christ fully human in utero? “Public Reason” is, ironically, sectarian. Impotent President, Impotent Citizens. Death seizes the doctor.

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