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Thursday 1/9/14

The Last Acceptable Bigotry Coming between a woman and her doctor If terrorism is the enemy, why must we feed it? …But liars can figure Downfall of the Republic? 2,734,000 Pope Francis’ economics in historic context

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Jetta TDI Sportswagen

I bought a new car. My Passat sedan is gone, replaced by a Jetta TDI Sportwagen. I’m not going to go all introspective on you, but I still have a little trouble keeping car buying decisions entirely rational. The rational … Continue reading

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Alternate energy follies – and a cold slap in the face about current cars

The Wall Street Journal must have an imp running around the office tying knots in knickers. First, in The Price of Wind, the Editorial Board (I assume; it’s unsigned) inveighs about wind power at Nantucket Sound. It’s not because they’re … Continue reading

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