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Sins of the fathers

How came it to pass that we have zillions and zillions of guns protected by the Second Amendment? Continue reading

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Cold comfort

More efficacious than gun control nostrums or anodyne “thoughts and prayers.” Continue reading

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Meticulous truth-tellers

Alastair Roberts, a smart fellow, has a smart take on the viral video of BBC’s Kathy Newman beclowning herself in an interview with Jordan Peterson. I’ll assume you’ve watched the video and thus will omit most of Roberts’ summaries of … Continue reading

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Detour & Frolic

Oh, fer cryin’ out loud! Continue reading

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Anodynes & Nostrums

I was talking a walk through my neighborhood.  Buttons are out among students, but yard signs are in among hipsters.  This one has been sprouting like mushrooms: IN THIS HOUSE, WE BELIEVE: BLACK LIVES MATTER WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS … Continue reading

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Why I’m not a Libertarian

“Reason is a libertarian monthly print magazine covering politics, culture, and ideas through a provocative mix of news, analysis, commentary, and reviews.” Thus saith the sponsored link in my search results. [I]t’s shortsighted when publications like Reason Magazine scoff at … Continue reading

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Let’s get small!

Largely by coincidence, I encountered these congruent thoughts from two ecclesial Christians within a few hours on Saturday: Liberalism … of course has robust substantive commitments, much as it might pretend otherwise. The “tradition” of liberalism, really an anti-tradition, is founded … Continue reading

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Gun Control

I began this blog many weeks ago, forgot it, but now finish in pared-down form. I wonder to what extent the visceral anger at “thoughts and prayers” is a way of expressing fear and anger at our inability to control … Continue reading

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Saturday, 12/16/17

A potpourri, maybe a little more stimulating than usual. Continue reading

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Tryptophan reading

The stuff I omitted in this morning’s post. Continue reading

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