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Toxic Trump’s Toxic Traces

My own best reason to opposed Trump is his toxic narcissism, but if you want some details of his incompetence, here it is. Continue reading

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Hagia Podrig Day

PJB sips at the Trump Kool-Aid; Compare and Contrast; False Gospel, Unwarranted Assurance; Goodbye, Bushism; Guilt and Shame; Some charlatan was inevitable; Hagia Podrig Continue reading

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Wednesday, 5/28/14

Confronting our shame An Orthodox look at a Calvinist proof-text SLAPP and SFOIARAPP Sunday’s stunning dark horse election victories The subtlety of misdirection

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Porn on my mind

I have pornography on the mind lately. You might say “tell us something surprising” or “aren’t you a little old for that?” But that would miss the point of why I have it on the mind. One obituary and a … Continue reading

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