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Wednesday 8/17/16

A little light today in numbers, but I hope you’ll find it thought-provoking. Continue reading

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Saturday, 2/21/15

Reversing a social revolution, joshing the food scolds, they myth of consent, the faith of rationalists, and a bit more. Continue reading

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Friday, 10/17/14

I’ll consider not writing about this when the propaganda from the other side ceases and the arguments from my allies cease being, so often, misguided or totally ineffectual. (And when Princes of the Roman Church stop lying.) Continue reading

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Special Hatred Edition, 8/28/14

It has been a long time – actually, forever, I think – since I devoted a day to hatred, spite, malice, racism, anti-semitism and willful incorrigible misrepresentation. Continue reading

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Manufactured Outrage

There is a manufactured outrage circulating at Purdue University. Perhaps it was an hysterical personality, rather than actual malice, that started it. The words “White Power” were found on a mirror in the Black Cultural Center. This led to major … Continue reading

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Whiffs of implicit politics, nothing explicit. Liberal Culture? “Diverse points of view” in spades. Shocking, irresponsible virgin marriages! Thank SCOTUS, Welfare Queens have the “right to choose.” Every religion loves it’s converts. Julia Child as you’ve never seen her!

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