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Clips and comments, 1/22/19

Burying the dead, When Death Comes, Death of Christian Culture … I’m really not death-obsessed. It just happened. Continue reading

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Thinking some more about contraception

I’ve been thinking more about Elizabeth Anscombe’s 1972 Contraception and Chastity, which I first blogged about recently. I’ve reached a few conclusions, which may be waystations rather than places to settle. Continue reading

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Sunday, 1/26/14

STEM and Beauty Durn furriners and their furrin laws Richard Mouw wants no prophet’s mantle Death and Pregnancy in Indiana Can’t we just get along? Death, sanitized Marriage promotion as cargo cult

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Thursday, 10/24/13

The New Spirituality Surrogacy in D.C. Surrogacy in Bethlehem Cast Thyself down “Full membership” by age 1?

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