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Thursday 2/9/17

The greatest pleasure; Closing your audience’s eyes and ears; L’affaire Milo; The defense spending red herring; Yes, the web is seamless, but …; Islamic chastity; L’affaire DeVos; Trump at the Prayer Breakfast (Dream Version) Continue reading

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Wednesday, 6/4/14

Was the 22-year-old virgin “chaste”? Fighting Passions, Fighting Evil Ecumenical Soylent Healing memories

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Full House Friday, 11/15/13 (Nativity Fast begins)

Extend, suspend, amend TV Krustians on PTSD Abstinence ≠ Chastity USCCB continues the fight it didn’t start God builds His Tabernacle Nativity what!? Paying with Chickens What society isn’t

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Lord’s Day 10/27/13

Not a reliable source, but …  Chastiphobia Calvinist-to-Orthodox Conversion A radical departure from traditional belief?

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Blame game, gatekeepers, crony capitalists and sinners

High trump Federal Judge fires gatekeepers Alfalfa® The gift of chastity

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GLBTetcetera roundup

Notre Dame GLBTQ Statement. Political power, judicial weakness. Can we talk?

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Distilled advice from Wendell Berry. Who fired first? Can you understand this wisdom? What liberals fret about. Port William lives! Can Muslims really get away with anything?

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A Counterculture of Modesty

From The Guardian, a book review titled The first sexual revolution: lust and liberty in the 18th century, begins with an unqualified assumption: We believe in sexual freedom. We take it for granted that consenting men and women have the … Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 10/25/11

Ecumenical chastity. Vatican steps in a steaming pile. Easy cases, good law. Timeo Danaos

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