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Lord’s Day October 21, 2012

The Poet’s Craft. A Steady Place to Stand. History and Myth. Why Ayn Rand’s fiction sucks.

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Saturday Potpourri 7/21/12

Second Amendment image du jour. Children. The real heart of the “you didn’t build that” kerfuffle. Obama’s enemies list as seen by Ayn Rand. Can you say “Witch Hunt”? This tomato isn’t rotten enough to crush yet.

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Daily Potpourri 7/15/12

1.6, 19.2, $84,000,000,000,000. The Perverse Vice of Selfishness. Feet of clay. Sins of the fathers. Seamless marketing.

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Tasty Tidbits 9/28/11

Ayn Rand on the multiplication of criminal laws. What is a “progressive”? Where are the progressives (whatever they are)? Another impending execution. Yawn! 2 kinds of “peak oil.” Andrew Sullivan’s lazy slander. School as “a place apart.” Some God the … Continue reading

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Tasty Tidbits 8/28/11

Gibson Guitar CEO commits Republicanism. William Lawrence Cassidy commits free/offensive speech. NYT celebrates terrorist theater.

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