Tasty Tidbits 8/28/11

  1. Gibson Guitar CEO commits Republicanism.
  2. William Lawrence Cassidy commits free/offensive speech.
  3. NYT celebrates terrorist theater.


Mystery solved. I blogged yesterday that Gibson Guitar was raided by Fish & Wildlife Service agents. Supposedly about environmental contraband wood, according to initial accounts, it now appears that it was raided for the offense of having a Republican donor as Chairman. Martin, using the same wood but “batting left,” was left alone.

This is opinion and hyperbole, of course, and I’m not saying Martin wouldn’t be raided under any one of a number of Tea Party contenders for the Presidency.


Meanwhile, some federal D.A. in Maryland is prosecuting a man for too many Tweets and blog posts critical of one Alyce Zeoli, considered (by folks other than defendant William Lawrence Cassidy) to be a reincarnated master in the Tibetan Buddhist religious tradition, and is known to her followers as Jetsunma Ahkon Lhamo, herself with 23,000 Twitter followers.

The alleged offense is “stalking,” and if criminal prosecution under that rubric for free (if offensive) speech doesn’t chill you to the bone, imagine what they’ll do with laws against “bullying.”

Want to take another look at that prophetic Ayn Rand quote from yesterday?


I think the whole thing is a wonderfully fabulous way to protest,” said Diane Anderson-Minshall, executive editor of The Advocate, the gay news magazine. “It’s peaceful and it doesn’t hurt anybody. But it does get a really important point across in a fun way.

“The whole thing,” the “it” that gets an important point across, is “glitter bombing,” the latest act of political theater from the GLBTetcetera rights movement.

Let’s try putting the shoe on the other foot with a thought experiment. Supporters of the Family Research Council go to Outfests and approach people seated at tables, withdraw a Cheez-It box filled with glitter, dump it on someone and say “Feel God’s love! It can heal you! Repent!”

How would that “message” be interpreted?

It would, I think, be deconstructed into “We know who you are, you loathsome sodomites, and we can dump any poison, toxin, acid or other thing on you any time we want.”

The “Political Theater” excuse would be D.O.A.

Similarly, the message in glitter bombing seems to be, well, “we can dump any poison, toxin, acid or other thing on you any time we want, bigot!”

You can say what you want to Newt Gingrich, but that frightened moment of “what is this stuff he’s throwing on me?!” crosses the line. Glitter bombing is assault, probably criminal, the indulgent treatment by the New York Times notwithstanding.

* * * * *

If you’re missing political rants, I’m sorry, but I was giving the impression that I cared, so I stopped blogging politics. “They” are all idiots except for the ones who are rogues. But RogerWmBennett Tweets about politics and stuff over in the right-hand column. I generally agree with the guy.


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