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Tasty Tidbits 8/12/11

The underground Church — figurative and literal. How American Criminalized Poverty Rick Perry, hawk internationalist. Rowe Hessler, national Rubik’s Cube champ. Fixing “Movement Conservatism” Yet will I rejoice.

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Big military as small government?

Heritage Action for America will guarantee that when a wavering congressman thinks of voting for higher taxes, increased regulation, or a weaker national defense, television ads in his home district will remind him that a vote for bigger government is … Continue reading

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Miscellany – Pope in the Dock, Justice Stevens retirement, Serin gas and the enduring Flannery O’Connor

Michael Cook notes and ruminates on what I hope is an eccentric call to try Pope Benedict XVI for crimes against humanity in connection with the Catholic Church’s pedophilia scandal, and then segués into other who then should be there: … Continue reading

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Where’s a Conservative to turn on election day?

There’s too many good, smart people blogging and too few running for office. Daniel Larison, to whose blog I just resumed subscribing, has several items in the last week on the incoherence of “movement conservatism” – i.e., the fake conservatism … Continue reading

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Living toward the flourishing of others

Rod Dreher at Beliefnet writes enthusiastically about a new book, To Change the World, from James Davidson Hunter, who perhaps coined the term “Culture Wars” in his book by that title. I have high respect for Hunter, though it’s been years … Continue reading

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