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What Is It Like to Be a Monk?

A very respectful, even loving, account of a religiously ambiguous (Atheist? He says “not exactly”) philosopher’s brief visit to Mount Athos: I have never seen a church seem so alive. At certain points in the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, it … Continue reading

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Monday, 10/13/14

Reflections on the health benefits of organic food, the explosion of Benedict-talk, and two short items, at least one of them by an author who’s too full of himself. Continue reading

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Soggy Sweat’s Whiskey Speech Hobby Lobby gets its injunction Cross Mother Theresa and Princes Di

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Finding salvation outside the monastery

St John of the Ladder writes (1:21): Some people living carelessly in the world have asked me: “We have wives and are beset with social cares, and how can we lead the solitary life?” I replied to them: “Do all … Continue reading

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NYT Opinions on Goldman Sachs (and why I won’t boycott Arizona)

David Brooks, the New York Times’ genial sorta-conservative columnist, views the financial reform debate roughly as I do, which makes me tentatively pleased that the GOP turned the lemmings back from the cliff yesterday: The premise of the current financial … Continue reading

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