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Major Party Synopsis

In this freakish political atmosphere, where next year’s Presidential primaries are already populating themselves, my synopsis of the parties generally. Both parties are deathworks, but the Democrats are careening toward insanity more giddily than the Republicans: Same-sex marriage Abortion Hatred … Continue reading

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Potpourri, 2/11/19

Distinguishing narrative sh*t from Shinola, pro-Islam blather, socialist blather, the great moral crisis of our time, #TeslaFail and more. Continue reading

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Monday 1/30/17

I apologize, right out of the gate, at fully five items that are quite political. Skip to number 6 if you’ve already shut down emotionally from all the shrillness. Continue reading

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Friday follies 7/27/12

If you think this soup lacks a theme, you’re probably right. But it’s got a lot of flavors I hope you’ll find interesting. Batman → Massacre? Olympics open. “Compassion and rationality are such a drag.” A confession. Sally Ride’s Unforbidden Love. … Continue reading

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