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Holdovers vs. Loyalists

“Hey! Look at me, Mr. Trump! I’m your man!” Continue reading

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Today’s ramble, 2/14/19

From loving America to the lesson of Harry Potter, clippings or ramblings from today’s reading. Continue reading

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Tuesday, 11/14/17

  Cartestian Christianity Whole souls Darwinian myths: not like other myths It’s been a great run Coriolanus as the republic drains away Especially grotesque vanity about virtue Hold, wait, do nothing Death rites

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Halloween Candy edition

Genius, not smart. What soaking the rich can’t do. When “terrorism” isn’t. Brutalist Religion. Cute ad. Thinking Outside the Box on Vatican Supranational Authority Idea. American Oligarchy. Opposition Research.

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Tasty Tidbits 8/17/11

Adam and Eve. The benefits of ignorance. Venerable voice on progressive politics. WSJ tells the parts Buffet left out. Unwinding a Ponzi scheme. All Politics, All The Time. Everyone’s a genius.

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