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An infinity of angles at which one falls

… and only one at which one stands. As others fall, some embattled Evangelicals are trying to find how to stand. Continue reading

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Distilled advice from Wendell Berry. Who fired first? Can you understand this wisdom? What liberals fret about. Port William lives! Can Muslims really get away with anything?

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Tasty Tidbits 10/22/11

If Philosophers Were Cooks. A splendid rant against Tea Party slanders of OWS. Imagine more interviews went like this. Wanted: Gullible religionists; must be willing to sell soul. A whack to the OWS ego. We didn’t start the fire … … Continue reading

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Religious Tidbits 10/1/11

Praying the gay away. Divided by a common faith. Dispensational Eschatology 101 Is Jesus religious enough for the HHS religious exemption?

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“Fervently Catholic, proudly gay, happily celibate”

A New York Times feature Saturday morning profiles Eve Tushnet, styled A Gay Catholic Voice Against Same-Sex Marriage. Eve Tushnet is a very intriguing and forthright thinker/writer who had dropped off my radar though I had admired her in the … Continue reading

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Madness, Genius, Torment

I’m fascinated by the tortured, twisted biographies of so many creative types (not that I have a great deal of time to read extended biographies, but my websurfing habits lead me to encounter vignettes fairly often). Today’s Writer’s Almanac has … Continue reading

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Can homosexual orientation be changed?

Oh, my! The saga continues! This is as more confusing as than the the Intelligent Design versus Evolution kerfuffle! The weight of professional opinion seemed to me to have become that same-sex orientation was unchangeable. So I had pretty much … Continue reading

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