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Clippings, 12/3/18

1 [T]he whole Trump operation, now lying exposed on Mueller’s table — the shady business empire, the constant practice of deceit, the dim-bulb hangers-on — screams corruption in a way that few politicians’ circles do. With Trump there is no … Continue reading

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Sunday 9/4/16

The FBI’s latest bomb; Balancing #1; He “didn’t build it”; Mutable and immutable; Hacking school Continue reading

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Things that frustrate me about the 2016 election

Here begins a collection of “things that frustrate me about the 2016 election.” It may continue for the next 12.5 weeks. One is that one of my usual litmus tests for sanity has gone haywire. The New York Times Editorial Board … Continue reading

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Tuesday, 7/28/15

“Our way of life has shot its wad,” “there is something profoundly unnatural about strangers engaging in the most intimate of physical acts” & more Continue reading

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