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Making Money

I’ve been intrigued, and troubled, by the concept that “banks literally lend money into existence” ever since I first heard it. Today a very occasional contributor to Front Porch Republic lays out how it’s done and how the confluence of … Continue reading

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Goldman Sachs – “the other side” told persuasively

“Goldman Sachs” is not a term of endearment at my favorite websites, such as Front Porch Republic. And I have reflected my own ill-ease with such too big to fail concerns in recent weeks, as well as passing along some … Continue reading

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Is economics really a science at all?

David Brooks at the New York Times describes the history of modern economics as a 5-act play. We’re in act IV currently. In The Wall Street Journal, Russ Roberts of George Mason University wondered why economics is even considered a … Continue reading

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Are factories (mostly) obsolete? Cities?

(James Howard Kunstler blogs and podcasts extensively on urban sprawl. One of the biggest of many motivators for suburbia (the automobile and cheap oil being the great facilitators) was that the close proximity of homes and factories in the cities really … Continue reading

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Lighting an Economic Candle

If it’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness, Allan Carlson, an Editor at Large over at the Porch (and a pretty major figure is real conservative American thought for decades now), has done a better thing recently, … Continue reading

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