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Imagine there’s no sovereignty

What if “secular,” “religious,” and “sovereignty” are not fundamental categories? Continue reading

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Great Expectations

Great expectations Licensed to Prattle Impeach? Then what? A good street for my flesh and blood

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Sunday, 1/18/15

It’s Sunday. Let’s mellow out a little. Continue reading

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Sex and Cosmology

I don’t know when Rod Dreher sleeps. He must read and write about 22 hours a day. He’s currently on a book tour – ten cities in eleven days – while suffering mono.

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Fruitfulness from Barrenness

I was tired and harried when I saw Father Stephen’s lastest blog post. For instance, “God brings forth fruitfulness from barrenness – it is a theme of His work of salvation.” Yeah, yeah, Father; that’s nice. But why did you … Continue reading

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