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An anniversary and a testimonial

Today is the 52nd anniversary of my high school graduation. It might sound odd to remember that, but high school was formative for me because, almost impetuously, my parents and I agreed that I should go to a Christian (specifically … Continue reading

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Lord’s Day, November 4, 2012

Those nefarious Early Christians! Sola Scriptura – a periodic revisit. Berry’s Camera Shop closing. It is written that “God is man’s greatest idea.” Rastafarian to Orthodox.

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G.K. Chesterton on Biblicism

Catholic writer/blogger Mark Shea today delivered up this Chestertonian gem, in response to a question about the Dan Brown-ish sort of “lost gospels” nonsense, and how Evangelicals who get a lot of book larnin’ are apt to throw over the Bible, … Continue reading

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